JL Trish for Victoria 4.2 Readme
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Head Morph only!
Hair not included.
Textures not included.
Eye MATs not included.

This an update to my DS script, Trish for V4.2. It is now in Poser formats (cr2 and pz2) so it can now be used in Poser (as well as DS). It only requires Victoria 4.2 Base from DAZ3D. This character will provide a variety for all your Victoria 4 renders.

JL Trish V4.2


Daz|Studio or Poser (tested in DS v1.8/v2.1.1.13 and Poser 7)
Victoria 4.2 Base (may also work with V4.0 and V4.1)


Character (cr2) and Pose (pz2) files.

File List:

ReadMe's\JL Trish V4.2 Readme.htm
ReadMe's\images\JL Trish V4.2.jpg
Runtime\Libraries\Character\JLee\JL Trish [CR2].cr2
Runtime\Libraries\Character\JLee\JL Trish [CR2].png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\JLee\JL Trish [PZ2].png
Runtime\Libraries\Pose\JLee\JL Trish [PZ2].pz2


Poser: Extract to your Poser directory.
DS: Extract to your DS content directory.

After extraction, look for the folder "JLee" in "Figures" or in "Poses".

The cr2 file is located in "Figures->JLee" and will load Victoria as a new 3D model. With the head selected, you can find the group "JLee" with a dial named "Trish", setting this dial to zero will remove the Trish morph.

The pz2 file is located in "Poses->JLee" and is an injected pose. You can find a "Trish" dial with the head selected in "Injection Channels->Community". Set this dial to zero to remove the Trish morph.


Unrestricted. Just don't sell the same morph and call it your own. Again, it's free so don't sell it! Ask if you need to include it in a bundle that's to be sold.


You can find me in DAZ3D Artzone if you need anything, see my contact info above. Next project is hair for Trish/V4.2 so check back with my site for updates. This item is available at JLee 3D for free.