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JL Trish for Victoria 4.2

Updated my first V4.2 morph in poser format, character (cr2) and pose (pz2) files. All morphs for DAZ's Victoria will be in poser format from here on. These head/face morphs will give your Victoria renders some variety and character, so it does not have to be the same face over and over again. The old DS script (for DAZ|Studio) is still available as an external download. The updated (poser) morph has a slight fix in the lips, but I did not touch the old (DS) morph. The Poser morph only requires Victoria 4.2 Base, and may work (not tested) on Victoria 4.0 and 4.1 versions; and was tested on Daz|Studio 1.8/ and Poser 7.

Changed the cr2 by using "readScript", this reduced the size from ~12Mb to ~2Mb. The whole package is now much smaller in size that the 7-zip and RAR versions were almost alike; 227Kb and 229Kb (from 1.63Mb and 1.94Mb) respectively so I have included the RAR version here as well. The ZIP version however is still roughly twice as large (from 2.89Mb to 532Kb) so I did not bother putting it up.

JL Trish V4.2
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JL Trish for Victoria 4.2   [Local Download: 7z | RAR] [Readme]

[old] JL Trish V4.2 DAZ|Studio Version   [External Download: FileCrunch RAR]

NOTE: Downloads use 7-zip (7z) LZMA compression because it compresses much better with very large text files like Poser's cr2 files, thereby saving me precious bandwidth. Plus my current free hosting has a maximum filesize for downloads set at 6Mb. You can get 7-zip here for PC and MAC users. Older and occasional downloads use RAR archives, and can be extracted with WinRAR. Newer versions of WinRAR also supports (open and extract) 7-zip archives.


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